NHS whistleblower needs your urgent help for justice & safety

Whistleblowers who raise concerns continue to be at risk of losing their jobs.

I am an NHS whistleblower who had reported fraud in NHS. I was subsequently dismissed on false counter allegations. I Won an interim relief hearing and appeal but was not allowed back to work. Instead I was made redundant.

Despite winning the hearing and an apology from the trust, I had problems getting jobs when employers discovered that I was a whistleblower. I had job offers withdrawn, interviews cancelled and positions withdrawn.

I subsequently developed breast and lung cancer for which I am on ongoing maintenance treatment.

My case has been widely covered in the media.

I have written numerous letters and have met with influential senior officials from both major parties, including Jeremy Hunt. Despite repeated promises for change, I have not received any redress, and have faced financial struggle for 8 years whilst undergoing treatment.

Struggling to find work, I accepted job at Princess Grace Hospital, part of HCA Healthcare, but I ended up with my direct line manager being connected to my previous whistleblowing on fraud.

During my work at Princess Grace I was victimised for attending my ongoing life-saving treatment for cancer. I was also put through sham performance management in an attempt to get rid of me, which was later dropped by HCA’s own legal team.

They then decided to make my post redundant. This is despite at other HCA sites there are imaging managers in post and the Imaging department at Princess Grace received highest patient rating compared to other HCA imaging sites.

Consultants in the department also raised their concerns to the CEO about getting rid of me but without success.

I have been clearly discriminated as a whistleblower and someone who has been undergoing cancer treatment.

I had also raised serious ongoing patient safety concerns internally at Princess Grace. CQC in their recent inspection of Princess Grace issued an improvement notice for safety and being well led. This can be viewed on CQC’s website. Imaging department however, was rated as being ‘good’.

I have now started a Crowd Justice campaign, launched 12 December 2017 to help me legally to fight injustice.

 Why I need help with legal costs

As I was in employment for 18 months, I am not entitled to any redundancy. My case will need to go to an employment tribunal for which I do not have funds. Without any income, I will lose my home with ongoing treatment for cancer. I need this money to fund my case.

My health has further deteriorated in the last couple of months due to stress.

What will raising funds enable me to achieve?

If successful, this will raise awareness and encourage other staff members to speak up and promote patient safety as whistleblowers will be seen to be protected. This is hugely important in promoting patient safety in all health organisations.

It will also discourage organisations to take on a defensive approach when faced with concerns and encourage them to act on the concerns raised.

I really hope you will help me as I need your support.

Please make a pledge and share the crowd justice link widely.

Currently raising concerns is actively being discouraged due to constant victimisation of whistleblowers. This sets an example to other staff who see their colleagues being persecuted and end up losing their jobs, careers, home, health and marriage. In some cases there has been suicides.

Concerns raised do not get addressed and frequently covered up and so patients continue to be placed at risk.

Think about what you would want if you or a close family member who is a patient in one of our care providers.

Victimisation of whistleblowers simply has to stop if we want to see a safer care.

Please pledge and share widely using below link  on twitter, facebook, e-mails and instagrams. Thank you.


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