Update on day 1 – Thank you Launch of Crowd Justice – 12 December 2017

Woke up early as couldn’t sleep both due to excitement and worry that I may forget to do something or contact someone important. Also had my usual throbbing headaches. Although waking up early is not a bad thing – I often get my most innovative ideas when I am half asleep and almost ready to get up!

I had my wonderful launch supporters on standby for launch at 8.00am. Fiona Bell, David Drew, Caroline Clarke, Alan Clarke and of course my mum on ‘red alert’. True to form It was launched at 8.00am precisely.

It was a very busy day for me on twitter @sharmilaxx. My crowd justice page was also shared in various Facebooks.

Raised: £1,650 in 24 hours. Please continue to promote this campaign and encourage donations where you are able. New ideas and contacts are also appreciated. Thank you + + +

Fiona Bell‏ @Unity_portal

NHS whistleblower needs your urgent help for justice & safety we are at £1625 thank you all so much, I know @sharmilaxx will be thrilled to wake up in the morning and see this xxxx

I received some really wonderful messages which kept me going – Thank You!!

Sorry I can’t list all your tweets there were so many, I can’t thank you all enough

David Drew‏ @NHSwhistleblowr 9h9 hours ago

£1540 for @sharmilaxx today. She will sleep better if we can push this up. All pledges void if she doesn’t reach her target. Night all.

Andrew Ward‏ @Public_Eye_XVA 23h23 hours ago

Sharmila, so sorry to read of your recent experience at #HCA I can’t imagine the sense of “betrayal” you must feel after all you’ve been through. I know you are a “leader not a quitter” who gives hope for those who wish to see justice prevail. I’ve pledged my support. Take care A

Tracy King‏Verified account @tkingdot Dec 11

I support Sharmila and all #whistleblowers and her comments here are correct. Policies without enforcement and REAL culture change are worthless.

Andrew Ward‏ @Public_Eye_XVA 23h23 hours ago

Sharmila’s a “leader not a quitter” so please take a few minutes to read of her latest struggle to get justice. Every whistleblower’s story is unique, needs to be heard and Sharmila like all deserves our support. Thank you.

Dr Chris Day‏ @drcmday 21h21 hours ago

Another NHS staff member that has been shown to be right about her whistleblowing still having her life destroyed. Just imagine if the authorities moved their attention from overworked junior doctors that make a mistake #BawaGarba to the real problem undermining NHS safety

Moosa Qureshi‏ @DrMQureshi 21h21 hours ago

#Whistleblowers might just help save the #NHS, and @sharmilaxx is one of the most prominent whistleblowers in the UK.

Ricki emmett‏ @Rickiemmett1 21h21 hours ago

Good luck Sharmila, I will spread the this, the best I can and make people aware of the scale of corruption that’s going on! And the impact it has on people like yourself and many others.

LaurenceVick‏ @LaurenceVick 21h21 hours ago

Please support NHS whistleblower Sharmila Chowdhury @sharmilaxx with her crowdfunding campaign for justice and safety

andi Whistleblowers‏ @CANDI_Reports 19h19 hours ago

Thank you for sharing your story. You’re a hero. It’s shocking how organisations close ranks to protect their own corrupt practices – but you did the right thing. We stand with you

Barry Faith‏ @BazzerFace 17h17 hours ago

I’m in! :>)

Steuart Hedington‏ @StuHedington 17h17 hours ago

I don’t have many followers but please, can someone just RT this?? This woman is awesome and needs help now!!

❤Littleglob ❤‏ @littleglob1 15h15 hours ago

Replying to @rubydragon1

well said. @sharmilaxx it’s about time criminals paid for their crimes not the whistleblowers who report them!

BigBob‏ @sadcafe69 15h15 hours ago

Yes, just had a look, keep plugging away, without WB, which i hate that word, there would B more corruption. We are people with integrity

Mick Geen‏ @J4BenGeen 15h15 hours ago

Please support this important appeal to help protect #whistleblowers. The Government should be making it their job to so but they are failing to deliver. We should be engaging #whistleblowers not destroying their careers and ruining their lives.

Susan‏ @rubydragon1 21h21 hours ago

If #legalaid was available people #whistleblowing things they could not turn a #blind eye to would be more common instead of being failed by a #system set up for money not right action #NHS & #Employers would act & #work better for everyone If you can help please do by sharing

TBK‏ @MarionWomen 13h13 hours ago

Please help and share for this Brave Brave NHS Whistleblower HSE Whistleblowers whether Patient, Doctor or administrator are criminally Silenced….

Sparkle60‏ @60Sparkle 11h11 hours ago

I’ll support this Sharmila. Keep up the good fight for justice, for all those whose lives have been destroyed because they’re honest, decent people.

Fiona Bell‏ @Unity_portal 11h11 hours ago

Please support @sharmilaxx with her @CrowdJustice campaign every donation helps

Caroline‏ @pinnaclephysio2 11h11 hours ago

Please retweet and pledge a donation if you can @sharmilaxx has been fighting for justice for 8 years.

Colette L Annesley‏ @ColetteAnnesley 10h10 hours ago

Makes me angry that #NHS funds have been misappropriated to wreck your career. Keeping you in my prayers Sharmila.

MGDoc‏ @morrisgabc

Here is a link to a funding page for a lovely and determined woman, Sharmilla Chowdhury, @sharmilaxx who blew the whistle on NHS fraud in her department yet still lost her job and much more.


Please continue to help with donations and support this campaign. Thank you x


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