Update on day 3 of launch of Crowd Justice – 14 December 2017

We raised: £7,120  in 72 hours!! An anonymous donor had pledged £5,000 which brought up  the total significantly. 

Thank you so much for all your help and support. 


Today’s message has been written by Fiona Bell:

Well we started Sharmila’s crowd justice campaign Tuesday morning , Sharmila in London, myself in Northumberland, the support , the time given , every donation, what can I say absolutely brilliant . Every single one of you have made a difference. 

My day starts , tweeting from under the duvet, catching up on emails, getting ready for work. Thursday was no different , I wake at 6 am checked the campaign total , we were doing amazingly well our total at 8 was almost £2000 thanks to everyone’s tweets,  retweets, donations. So as usual I  juggled two large Labradors, breakfast , tweeting getting ready for work & campaign work. 

9 am a  break from tweeting to catch the number 1 bus, then a quick change over to get the x8 that takes me to work. I then have time to catch up with Sharmila and we are discussing “how do we raise more funds”  I tell her “we will get there” then say “okie dokie best make use of the free bus wifi and get tweeting”  So out comes the iPad I’m logging onto the site to send my next batch of tweets and my eyes nearly pop out of my head the total has gone to over £7000 in minutes . 

What an amazing pleasure it was to then pick up my mobile call Sharmila and break the most fantastic news , ( Sharmila  thought I was joking)  now that’s how to start a day , to give some one the most incredible news , made possible by the support & donations of friends, our families & strangers #wow #thankyou #amazing-people Having picked ourselves up off the floor we have arrived at Day 4 of the campaign, have a great Friday folks.


Please continue to help and support this campaign.

On twitter please use  #Sharmila #followfriday #ff #share

If you’re on Facebook or any other networking site please share far & wide


Thank you for your help.


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