‘Thank you’ from a whistleblower

HAPPY NEW YEAR and wishing you all a year full of happiness and Peace.

Thank you for all your kind support and donations to help raise £10,000 via crowd justice.

Donations ranged from £5 to £5,000 as well numerous tweets/retweets and sharing the campaign in Facebook.  £7,000 was raised within 3 days and within 2 weeks £10,000 was raised.

There was huge public support and I was really touched by all the lovely, kind and thoughtful messages. There are lots of caring people out there and to whom I will always be grateful.

I had however,  received which I believe is a very unpleasant letter on the afternoon of last working day before Christmas, asking me to remove the Crowd Justice Page or risk facing legal action. Although I have not yet published this letter, I will do so in due course.

Having raised the much needed funds, this will now:

  1. Enable me to get the much needed legal help
  2. Send a strong message to other staff who want to raise concerns and to their employers – i.e. that there is a huge public support for NHS whistle blowers and covering up/victimisation is not acceptable as it compromises patient safety
  3. Encourage changes from the current system of staff persecution when concerns are raised. Instead look at these concerns.
  4. Getting rid of staff who will be left without income and a job does not mean that they can’t fight back. They will have the public behind them

I have met with my legal team, who is in contact with HCA International.

Date of employment tribunal has not been confirmed but I will update you on this.

Maybe you can come and support.

THANK YOU once again for your invaluable support and kindness


3 thoughts on “‘Thank you’ from a whistleblower

  1. Dear Sharmila.

    Who has told you to take down your post and threatened you with legal action. Dr day used crown justice … was he threatened?

    Best wishes to you. Regards Ellen Dacey

    Sent from my iPhone


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