Case going to tribunal

Firstly huge thank you to all of your support for this campaign.


I was employed at Princess Grace Hospital as an Imaging Services Manager. Princess Grace is part of HCA International. An American private health provider based in Texas, USA.

While in employment, I believe I have  faced victimisation as a person undergoing cancer treatment and  raising safety concerns, some serious.

Princess Grace decided to subsequently make my post ‘redundant’ which they advised was not personal but was purely a financial issue. I believe this was an excuse simply to get rid of me.

To help me with my legal costs, Crowd Justice was launched on 12 December 2017.

Many had contributed. Some were really generous. Within 2 weeks £10,000 was raised and I received lots of public support.

In the afternoon of 22 December 2017 – last working day before Christmas, I received the following letter from the legal team representing HCA healthcare:

letter 22 Dec - 1

letter 22 Dec - 2

I do not believe the timing of the letter was a coincidence. I believe it was designed to scare me, and perhaps it was hoped that everyone  who would be available to provide me with advisory support, would be away and I would crumble under stress and pull down my Crowd Justice page. They were wrong.

In my subsequent blog I advised about this letter, and that I would publish this. I then received the following letter:

letter 4 Jan - 1letter 4 Jan -2

Additionally, HCA international then reported me to the regulators informing that I am not fit to practice. As a result Crowd Justice funds needed to be raised from original £10,000 to £40,000 so as meet potential legal costs for defamation and to address any fitness to practice issue.

Unfortunately instead of  settling the dispute of a case which I believe is an unacceptable  victimisation of a staff with disability and a whistleblower who reported safety concerns while in post,  HCA international appears to me to have carried on like a ‘bulldozer.’ 

It is 3 years anniversary  of  Francis ‘Freedom to Speak up Review’.

It is now 3 months since I left Princess Grace. My case will now be going through an employment tribunal.  For which paperwork has now been submitted.

Please continue to help me with donations and sharing the crowd justice page. Thank you.

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