In her shoes – fighting cancer, fight for justice and fighting to keep a home

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By Fiona Bell

I met Sharmila back in 2014, another campaigner. Sharmila emailed me. She was fighting for justice for herself and for other whistleblowers, desperate for a meeting with Jeremy Hunt. Many had been campaigning for such a meeting for a long time.  
It was a case of how do we get Mr. Hunt’s attention. I had an idea, so I advised, write him an email and copy in the press ( I forwarded her my treasured contact list of journalists ).
My advice was specific, email all copy in my journo’s contact list but do not blind copy.  I knew it would go one way or the other and it could cause a bit of a stir down at DH Press office.  Within 24 hours we had an offer of a meeting with Jeremy Hunt along with Simon Stevens CEO of NHS England. 
Here’s the link to the…

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