Update on my case with HCA International

The HCA Hospitals lawyers have asked me to clarify certain matters.

This I am happy to do, just in case it was not obvious before.

The facts that I complain about occurred before I was made redundant and was frog marched out of the hospital.

For obvious reasons, because I am no longer working there, I cannot say whether or not those practices continue to this day.

Therefore when I say “serious ongoing patient safety concerns” I meant and mean ongoing up until the time that I left. I hope this clarifies matters.


Additionally the HCA lawyers have asked me to give reasons why I honestly believe what I said on  my Crowd Justice page.

I said:

‘My direct line manager being connected to my previous whistleblowing on fraud.’

The facts:

My line manager at Princess Grace was previously employed at Ealing Hospital where I had reported NHS fraud. My line manager at Princess Grace took over the post of my then line manager at Ealing to whom I had reported fraudulent concerns. In other words, they swapped places. I had been adviced by my line manager at Princess Grace, that they remain in regular contact.

I said:

‘During my work at Princess Grace I believe I was victimised for attending my ongoing life-saving treatment for cancer.’

The facts:

I have had breast cancer since 2013. I was advised by my Oncologist to attend for treatment every three weeks. As a result, I attended and still attend every three weeks.

At first, my line manager didn’t say anything to me about these treatments but simply sent me an email stating that the treatment days for cancer treatment, would need to be taken as ‘sick leave’ and that I would not be paid once the number of days reaches a maximum amount of sick leave, i.e. 10 days. I complained about this instruction to a Human Resources advisor. She agreed that this should not have happened.

However, my manager did not stop. Afterwards, I was advised by him  that my treatment days come round “too frequently”. I felt that he was suggesting that I somehow had control over my illness and the frequency of treatment. I am advised that he should have known better than to do this as it is an example of him directly victimising me for having cancer.

I said:

‘I also believe I was put through sham performance management’.

The facts:

Following upon my approach to HR for help with discrimination from my line manager, I was advised by my line manager (the same one who discriminated against me)  that I would face a performance review. This was despite having good appraisals and turning the radiology department from ‘red’ to ‘green’ following a Care Quality Commission inspection.

I honestly believe that the performance management was a sham for the following reasons. My manager listed a long list of performance criteria that he felt that I had failed. Unbeknown to him I had already completed all of them and advised him and HR. A few days later he produced a second set of performance criteria. Again, these too were virtually all completed. I had spoken to the President of Operations for HCA regarding these performances. He advised that he had good reports about me from the previous CEO and I had managed to turn the department around. Therefore I should not be going through a performance review. The performance review was eventually stopped by HCA’s own legal team.

I said:

‘CQC in their recent inspection of Princess Grace issued an improvement notice for safety and being well led.’

The facts:

This can be viewed on CQC’s website as it’s in public domain. CLICK HERE TO VIEW REPORT

It is for these reasons that I believe that the statements I have made on my Crowd Justice page would be the same opinions as an honest 3rd person.

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