As I currently do not have any source of income. Any donations will be gratefully received

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2 thoughts on “Donations

  1. Dear sharmila
    I hope your health will improve in time. There are no words to describe the injustice and loss that you have suffered for the very noble brave stance you have taken. Our pm should look into this matter and fully compensate you with public funds. It is our money you are trying to protect in the first place. Take care. Meng loke

  2. I am astounded that you, Sharmila, have been treated so horrendously when all you have done is the right thing by highlighting fraudulent activity in the NHS. Fraudulent activity undermines how the general public feels about institutions, especially publicly owned ones, and can corrode confidence in them as being fit for purpose. The fact that powerful people who should have acted upon your evidence did not, is proof positive for a lot of us that they are hell bent on privatising the NHS and they welcome all the shady things that accelerate this. I hope your treatment improves your health and you are able to get to a stronger, fitter and happier place soon. Bless you for all the sacrifices you have made.

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