Imperial – email from Medical Director

To: sharmila chowdhury Cc:,
Dear Sharmila
Thank you for your email.  My apologies for not responding before, having been away for some time in August.  I am now back at the Trust.
I understand that you are looking for is a permanent position and would really like to help you in obtaining a suitable post.
I can however only offer you what I have available, if I had a permanent post I would need to advertise.  With the suggestion I’ve made we could offer you a job in the very near future.
When we spoke I was trying to understand what your skills and needs were to try to be as flexible as possible in drafting a role which you would not only enjoy but would play to your strengths and contribute to the wide range of responsibilities within my department.
From my perspective you were recommended to me as somebody who would have a lot to contribute.  Having met you I think that is true.
Understanding your position and sincerely wishing to help I have undertaken to offer you a role within my team if I possibly can.  That offer still stands and we could progress matters quickly if you were agreeable.
I am in a position to offer you a fixed term post for up to a year to assist with the various projects that are being led by my team and which we discussed.
I read what you said about becoming a foundation trust with some confusion.  I don’t think whether the organisation is an FT or not makes a lot of difference to your position.  Maybe I’ve misunderstood but I would have thought that obtaining a post along the lines I suggested would be the best next step – it would give you a foothold in the NHS.
I understand what you say about your past experience and not wanting to go through interviews.  I think what I am suggesting will help with that as I’ve already met you. However I really can’t promise you a permanent post, it’s simply not in my gift.
Let me know and I will get Shona to send you the job descriptions if you would like to consider further but I repeat what I said when we met in that we could be flexible within my portfolio of responsibilities to create a role which would suit you.
I am now back at the trust so can be in contact with you as necessary.
Best wishes

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