NHS Whistleblowers

There are numerous NHS whistleblowers who have had their lives destroyed in pursuit of protecting patients and public. Far too many to mention. I have included some of the whistleblowers who have been in the media. Select to read their stories.

Tracy Boylin          David Drew                 Raj Mattu           Jean Haydr     

Maha Yassaie       Edwin Jesudason        John Watkinson     

Arjuna Weerasinghe        Vasanta Suddock            Julie Bailey           

Sandra Haynes Kirkbright      Gary Walker     Barbara Allatt

Ramon Niekrash      Helene Donnelly      Professor Narinder Kapur      

Rab Wilson    Margaret Haywood       Dr Peter Wilmshurst       

 Marjan Jahangiri

 Steve Bolsin      Jane Hamilton      Shiban Ahmed         Loo Blackburn      

Stacey Richardson     May Hendry    Malcolm Loudon 

Elsie Gayle         Lisa Martin       Aditya Agrawal        Chris Day

Noel Finn       Hayley Dare        Russell Dunkeld        Kevin Beatt       

Lucia Gibson   Paul Dowsing       Mike Holder     Martin Jackson     

Irsah Tahir      Stuart Gardner       David Ore    Peter O’Keefe

Sukhomoy Das        Sheena Pinion

Helen Rochester 

4 thoughts on “NHS Whistleblowers

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  2. Hi Sharmila, I am happy to add my name in the list, if you wish. We have already met and spoke but you can also read about me via Google – Dr Sukhomoy Das.

    Hope you are keeping well.

    Best wishes and stay strong as you are not alone in this journey.

  3. I exposed a system of Neglect in ‘supported unregulated accommodation’ nothing has changed, other than all the agencies give me a hard time.

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