NHS Whistleblowing In the News

Videos and Radio (for articles see below)

New Gosport deaths inquiry – ITV news

LBC Radio – NHS Whistleblowing

No protection for whistleblowers under PIDA – Helen Rochester

Radio interview with sharmila Chowdhury – Richie Allen Show

Sharmila Chowdhury on whistleblowing

Extended protection for whistleblowers? Interview with David Drew on Sky news

BBC Coventry radio interview with Raj Mattu NHS whistleblower

ITV News – Sacked NHS whistleblower receives £1.2m after 15 year legal battle

Public Accounts Committee – making a whistleblowing policy work

NHS Fraud on BBC Victoria Derbyshire show and BBC News

Fit and proper test – Hull

Radio interview – Sharmila on BBC Asian Network

Whistleblowing and culture in NHS – BBC

£1.5bn wasted on NHS redundancy payments – Sky news

Exposure: NHS out of hours undercover

Simon Steven – NHS England interviewed by HSC

House of Lords – whistleblowing

ITN News: treatment of whistleblowers is truly shocking

Channel 5 news – calls to protect NHS whistleblowers

Channel 4 news – whistleblower protection campaign

‘Climate of fear’: NHS staff scared of exposing danger to patients, whistleblowers tell RT

The dangers of NHS whistleblowing

Fit & proper test – Hull

2014 Accountability hearing with CQC

Radio 4 interview with Dr David Drew (12 mins – 24mins)

Sir Robert Francis interview – Sky News

Sir Robert Francis – we need to change the culture – ITV

Whistleblowers treatment is often shocking – BBC

The dangers of NHS whistleblowing – Channel 4

Parliament – complaints and raising concerns

Meeting with Hunt & Stevens – ITV London

Whistleblowing – update

David Drew – radio interview over cover up of child’s death

Staff sackings over poor elderly care

Dynamics of Whistleblowing

Whistleblower warns about raising concerns

How blowing the whistle cost two men their careers Channel 4

NHS Whistleblowers: Are they protected? Channel 4 

Parliament – Health Select Committee on raising concerns

James Titcombe interviews Chief Inspector at CQC

Radio 5 interview with whistleblower

Robert Francis: what lessons can be learned


NHS Ayrshire bullying row as overworked radiographers ‘suicidal’ and ‘scared to speak up’

‘Maverick’ doctor used experimental cancer treatment on 10 patients who died, inquest hear

Gosport hospital deaths: police launch new inquiry

As Julian Assange is arrested, a reminder of what we’ve learned from WikiLeaks

Lancaster radiographer wins ‘first hurdle’ of tribunal case against bullying

Oxford hospital trust faced defamation threat from NHS

Whistleblowing NHS worker to challenge NDA in test case for gagging orders

Embedding the learning from speak up

Sheena Pinion: Fife cancer doctor ‘bulled out of job’ says whistleblowing cost her her career

Why NHS bullying is a real threat to patient safety

Steal from the NHS? A staggering £1.25 billion a year is stolen  – enough for 40,000 nurses

hundreds of whistleblowers claim they faced recrimination as NHS fears repeat of Gosport scandal

Health watchdog says lessons must be learned after NHS fraudster landed multiple top jobs

NHS whistleblower forced to withdraw claims after being threatened with ‘life changing’ costs

NHS whistleblowing doubles but critics say watchdog lacks power

‘I was left to fight alone NHS whistleblowing protection

‘I had a moral duty’ :  whistleblowers on why they spoke up

Three NHS bosses used names of U2 stars in £1.4 million fraud, court told

Fraud in the NHS could have paid for 40,000 nurses

whistleblowing: public services fail to deliver on promise of open culture

Leading heart surgeon wins fight to work again saying she is victim of toxic hospital feud after headless doll and dead animal were sent to her home

Trailblazing heart surgeon was sent a DEAD ANIMAL, and a headless doll in the post after she raised safety concerns during toxic feud at London hospital

After scandal of Gosport… time to act to protect whistleblowers

Disgraced former NHS boss Sir David Nicholson who retired on a £1.9million pension pot RETURNS to a health service  job four years after quitting

Disgraced NHS boss who retired on £1.9million pension pot four years ago RE-HIRED

NHS surgeon accused of racism and ‘forced out of job’ after raising concerns about three Asian colleagues

‘Common people’ – play on whistleblowing

Dentist who won faces huge legal bill

NHS whistleblowers will get compensation if blacklisted by NHS

Ex- Teacher sues for £700k after bullying

Healthcare company misled healthcare regarding pensions

Liverpool NHS scandal shows how culture of denial harms patients

NHS bosses who cover up serious failings could be banned from taking another hospital job

Independent review of Liverpool Community NHS Hospital Trust

Liverpool NHS Trust ‘dysfunctional’ and unsafe report find

NHS staff call whistleblower helpline as bosses ‘ignore issues’

Damning dossier from Ambulance trust whistleblower

Letter to CEO at ealing Hospital

Whistleblower claims 20 people dies where ambulances were late

Letter to Prime Minister from consultants in 68 Acute hospitals in England & Wales

Ex-health boss’s claims of ‘bullying and gagging’ in Welsh NHS

Whistleblowing in healthcare

The ambulance never came

Hospital chiefs ‘risking patients to hit targets’

Appalling treatment of whistleblowers must be investigated

Whistleblower forces A&E waiting times review

‘Despicable’ fraud costs NHS £1bn a year

Badly behaved surgeons are putting patients lives in danger due to culture of bullying

NHS chief spend £100,000 in a failed attempt to prevent a whistleblowing doctor having his day in court

NHS staff lay bare a bullying culture

Why I became a radiology whistleblower

The social services boss fired after ‘blowing the whistle’ on grooming

Lessons learned from Bristol – Dr Steve Bolsin

GPs should be investigated by new patient safety whistleblowing watchdog

Heart surgeon who became an Uber driver

NHS buries 19,000 suspected deaths

Hospital boss who defrauded NHS is ordered to tell the court how she is going to repay it

Veteran NHS boss was sacked for tackling carry-on-style sex ring

Norwich hospital inspected by CQC after whistleblowing claims

In defence of whistleblowers – they should not be cast as dissenters

NHS whistleblower who exposed understaffing in ITU claims ‘three years on and nothing’s changed’

Croyden University Hospital doctor sacked amid a toxic working atmosphere wins right to compensation

NHS whistleblower claims she was sacked to protect HIV-infected surgeon

Northumberland Tyne and Wear Trust nurse bullied over IT security concerns

The dedicated doctor they tried to gag

Court of Appeal backs greater protection for whistleblowing junior doctors

Top doctor sacked dedicates his lifetime award to all sacked whistleblowers

How many more children like Kayden must die?

Patient Safety ?- Poem from NHS whistleblower

Whistleblowers ‘to be protected’ if they apply for NHS jobs

Whistleblowers out in the cold: struggling to find work

How can I work again after the trauma of whistleblowing?

Greedy NHS chief earning £200,000 a year defrauded her own trust

Whistleblower dentist wins legal claim

Former F1 doctor who turned whistleblower sacked by NHS bosses

Legal experts draw on experience of NHS cover-ups as they draw up new Hillsborough bill

NHS whistleblowers still fear the ‘finger of blame’

Whistleblowers need to be at the centre of National Guardians Advisory group

NHS whistleblowing articles in 2016: 2 years post Francis with no change

Accountability – North Middlesex Hospital and the one that got away

Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman annual scrutinity

NHS whistleblowing tsar has not investigated any SINGLE case and won’t review any patient neglect claims until 2017

NHS whistleblowers ‘gagged and blacklisted’ says petition group

Patients at risk as thousands of warnings are ignored

A sickening whitewash: Fury as boss who spent £10m to silence whistleblowers faces no action

Ministry of Defence medical officer denies ‘deliberately suppressing’ crucial facts leading to whistleblowing doctor being sacked

‘It’s ruined my career’: accounts of bullying in the NHS

Press release: Patient care remains at risk in Berkshire West while whistleblowers are victimised

NHS whistleblowing helpline dubbed ‘completely toothless’

NHS whistleblower ‘facing sack’ goes on hunger strike

mentally ill prisoners are left untreated says whistleblower

Turn that frown upside down! Grumpy nurses and doctors are told to ‘cheer up’

ARI surgeons under investigation cleared by watchdog

Sir Robert’s Flip Flops

NHS Gagging: How CQC sits on its hands

whistleblowers not allowed to join whistleblowing events organised by NHS employers

Boss of scandal-hit hospital with 287 unexplained deaths apologises

Shamed NHS boss and why she MUST go

The numerophobic CQC

Patient Safety Campaigner

Whistleblowers being ‘blacklisted by NHS’ 

UK law fails to protect whistleblowers

CQC Deaths Review: All fur coat….

NHS whistleblower whose 40 year career came to an abrupt end is awarded payout of more than £250,000

Boss of failing NHS trust claims she never saw email alerts over patient safety

Mersey Care: 443 staff compromise agreements

Southern Health NHS trust ‘paid millions’ to Katrina Percy’s associates

CQC’s fit and proper parade

NHS chief accused of telling colleagues to ‘keep your mouth shut’ after a surgeon made incision on wrong hand

Former nurse blasts Morecambe Bay Trust whistleblowing policy

GMC’s proposed fitness to practice – Peter Wilmshurst

Firm appointed for New Cross Hospital whistleblower probe

Jeremy Hunt warned new whistleblowing tsar is not independent enough

Whistleblower confidence in the National Guardian

Care Quality Commission Report – North Middlesex University Hospital

Scandal-hit hospital faces fresh probe into whether it is to blame for nearly 300 patient deaths 

NHS in new part-time health service whistleblowing trsar row as second person appointed

A word in Your Shelford-like, Mr Behan

New National Guardian appointed to lead the NHS in speaking up freely and safely

Hospital boss ‘secretly quits’ as report finds patient lay dead in A&E for four hours before being found

A new way forward for disciplinaries: the whistleblower’s view

Major NHS report due into Bristol Children’s hospital

Report condemns hospital  in baby death cover up

Former South Devon boss denies £20k fraud

Former Torbay Hospital boss denies £20,000 NHS fraud

£177k forked out by NHS on New Cross whistleblower bill

New twist in long-running battle of whistleblower doctor ‘wrongly sacked’ by Croydon’s NHS Trust

Watchdog criticises A&E unit which told patients to go home if they weren’t dying

Whistleblower surgeon wins battle to clear name

Former Torbay Hospital boss appears in court on fraud charges

Head of trust under investigation was awarded CBE

Illness prevent former Torbay Hospital boss Paula Vasco-Knight attending court on fraud charges

Former Torbay Hospital boss Paula  Vasco-Knight due in court charged with NHS fraud

New Cross Hospital whistleblower report: I won’t quit, says chief Exec David Loughton

The Untouchables

‘He has to go’ whistleblowers demand of the New Cross boss

‘Now sack £200,00o boss who hounded NHS whistleblower’

FPPR closure letter from CQC to St George’s re Paula Vasco-Knight

Open letter from whistleblower re: Paula Vasco-Knight

Doctor suspended for revealing Muslim surgeon refused to take off hijab before operating

Health boss Paula Vasco-Knight suspended over finance claims

How HR can manage the new NHS whistleblowing policy

Equal opportunity for all at the caring Quality Commision

The bullying health chiefs who put cuts before care: whistleblowers ignored and threatened with the sack

Queen’s personal surgeon quits after controversial  suspension

‘Desperate’ Tory plot to organise own letter from doctors exposed in bombshell email

NHS whistleblower investigator in a ‘Freedom to Speak Up’ role

NHS whistleblower told she was ‘too honest’ to work for the health service

An open letter to Health Select Committee supporting recent calls for a full independent judicial inquiry

Second whistleblower tsar quits as Jeremy Hunt’s DoH  sinks further into ‘crisis’

NHS England: New measures set to support whistleblowers in primary care

NHS Improvement: Whistleblowing policy for the NHS

‘Treatment of NHS whistleblowers is a stain on its reputation’

Ex social worker whistleblower Carol Woods detained in the Orchard unit Lancaster

Staff speak out against NHS watchdog

NHS bosses blew £61,000 on whistleblowing tsar

Trainee consultant who blew the whistle on understaffed ITU backed by 1,000 doctors

‘Common people’ – play on whistleblowing

Discipline in the NHS and the death of Amin Abdullah

Whistleblowers let down by government says MPs

NHS whistleblower cases must be reopened

NHS whistleblowing: Public Accounts Committee Report 2016

Jeremy Hunt: Learning from mistakes

Learning from mistakes means you will have to start listening to NHS whistleblowers, Jeremy Hunt

NHS whistleblowing Tsar role hits new delay

‘Bullying culture’ at QE hospital stopped staff speaking out over heart surgery unit, says report

Too many avoidable errors in patients care, says NRLS report

Lord Darzi: System for reporting NHS errors ‘needs overhaul’

People not given answers when they complain to NHS, latest ombudsman report report reveals

Health reform chief backed contracts with ‘gagging clause’

CQC statement on resignation of Eileen Sills as National Guardian

Freedom to speak up event with the National Guardian

Mr Hunt fails whistleblowers

Cover-up culture remain in the NHS, say staff

‘One patient died – it was complete and utter chaos’ – senior surgeon claims he was sacked for blowing the whistle

NHS National Guardian: ‘I know what it’s like to provide care on the front line’

NHS staff survey prompt calls to tackle bullying and discrimination

Junior doctor claims career was wrecked by lack of protection for whistleblowers

Nurse said bosses refused him hospital shifts because he spoke out about A&E

NHS whistleblower Narinder Kapur tells Indian doctors to stay away from Stalinist UK system

CCG whistleblower sacked days after raising conflicts of interest

NHS Hospitals pressured to ‘cook the books’

Hunt ignores question in House of Commons

My name is Sharmila. I am an NHS whistleblower

NHS hospitals pressured to ‘cook books’

Whistleblowers saves lives. So protect them

Stephen Glover: this vengeful persecution of whistleblowers in the NHS is yet another triumph for Lord Leveson

Whistleblowers out in cold

Branded a rapist for daring to be an NHS whistleblower

Press release from Raj Mattu’s legal team

Health service still victimising whistleblowers

Urgent request for whistleblower protection

Shropshire whistleblower dentist tells job tribunal of ‘witch hunt’

Heart surgeon sacked for whistleblowing could get £11m of taxpayer’s cash on compo claim

Vindicated: sacked whistleblower receives £1.2 payout after NHS spent £10m to crush him

Whistleblowing – Department of Health. New list of prescribed people

More Hunt balls: how the Health Secretary ‘protects’ whistleblowers

Is it time for Walsall’s Manor Hospital boss to leave?

Junior doctors aren’t just going on strike. They are trying to warn us

It cost me my job, reputation and family life but I’d be an NHS whistleblower again

Call for transparency on 12 mums’ deaths

Wolverhampton’s New Cross hospital cancer scandal: cleared after four year fight. Victory for NHS whistleblower

Doctor sacked for whistleblowing should face fresh tribunal says judge

Ex-Southern health worker warned bosses of safety failings

Hospital top brass put playing golf and private ops before NHS work

Threat of cabinet shunt for Hunt over doctor’s strike

‘Dear Mr Hunt, who is responsible for redress of whistleblowers?’

HSJ – An open letter to Jeremy Hunt from a whistleblower

Brixham nurse reveals battle to clear her name

NHS whistleblower helpline ‘useless’ campaigner claims

Whistleblower retires with her career in Scotland ruined

Brixham whistleblower nurse: ‘My four years of hell’

Heart warming ‘thank you’ to a NHS whistleblower

NICE urges doctors to treat dying patients as individuals

Sustainability and financial performance of acute hospital trusts

CQC ‘is not yet an effective regulator of health and social care’ 

NHS trust ‘failed to investigate hundreds of deaths’

Gagged, smeared, sue and threatened by the NHS

Blacklisting of NHS whistleblowers

CQC criticised for errors leading to trust’s £200k ‘fit and proper person’ bill

CQC: a fraying rope

Every nurse should feel able to speak up

NHS whistleblower fears patients will die as he leaks image of suffering patients

National whistleblowing policy launched by Monitor, NHS England and NHS TDA

Any Weir: Bullying case NHS boss leaves with £170,000

Doctors hunger strike at Parliament against whistleblower discrimination

NHS Mental health trust admits whistleblower who spoke out about bullying acted in good faith

United Nations Human Rights: Protection of sources and whistleblowers

‘Silence is often the only safe option left’ – United Nations

CQC slams door on whistleblowers

NHS Whistleblower: There is no protection for those who have already spoken out

NHS Grampian whistleblower cleared over bullying claims

CQC inspectors in the dark

Whistlebower outed by NHS bosses in cancer drugs cover up

CQC’s processes leaves Whistleblowers in the cold

Chief Executive excluded from work after whistleblower complaints

Why Jeremy Hunt’s promise to protect whistleblowers is nothing but hot air

CQC sets details for NHS whistleblower guardian

‘Left on the bones of my backside Mr Hunt’

Devon hospital chief quit whistleblower awarded payout

Jeremy Hunt: message to NHS staff about future of NHS

Dr Lucia Gibson – campaign

Innocent falsely accused GP fights back

Rose report

Jeremy Hunt: Making healthcare more human-centred and not system-centred

Fit & Proper persons: CQCs movable goal posts

Another message in a bottle to Jeremy Hunt

N&N hospital chief resigns after reports highlights alleged bullying culture

Critique of Francis’ model of trust appointed guardians

Letter  to the CEO of NHSLA

Queen’s personal surgeon hit by OPs ban

Francis: a teacup of water to put out a house fire

The judge delivered no justice

‘Don’t shoot the messenger’: the problem of whistleblowing in general practice

Blowing the whistle – letter to editor

Health secretary – ‘victimisation of Croydon NHS whistleblower not my problem’

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt criticised

 Protection of NHS whistleblowers and NHS quality improvement – two birds killed with one stone

Statement – barts and Charlotte Monroe

Bristol MP ‘determined upholder of NHS values of care free at point of delivery – clinicians

The Independent – Hung out to dry

Labour to create NHS champions

NHS whistleblower demands an apology and comparable job

Liverpool NHS boss who presided over ‘bullying’ and ‘blame’ culture lands a new job

The Independent – Sacked NHS whistleblower vindicated

Tories accused of hiding totally shocking report into NHS management

Appalling treatment of NHS whistleblowers must be investigated

Liverpool Womens Hospital executive resigns maid ‘bullying’ and ‘victimisation’ claims

Jeremy Hunt – help and justice for NHS whistleblowers

Response to Francis report

Lack of support for whistleblowers is a disgrace

Dear Sir Robert Francis your report on NHS whistleblowers is not enough

Jeremy Hunt – is sorry really the hardest word?

Whistleblower whitewash: health staff who dare to speak out will not be protected says report

NHS whistleblower:  report doesn’t go far enough

Whistleblowing: ‘it is still not safe for us to speak out’

Freedom to speak up report

NHS boss pocketed £155,000 by retiring for just 24 hours

Hunt: sweeping reforms to end ‘NHS cover up culture’

Francis NHS whistleblower report: a new beginning?

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt urged to launch inquiry as tribunal rejects Croyon Health Services NHS Trusts’s appeal over unfair sacking of whistleblower Kevin Beatt

Labour leader Ed Miliband throws support behind brave NHS whistleblower Sharmila Chowdhury

Health Select Committee – Complaints and Raising Concerns

Ed Miliband honours Ealing ‘champions’ at House of Commons

NHS whistleblowers slam Croydon University Hospital over treatment of sacked doctor

NHS whistleblower invited to local heros event

Care worker QUITS because only had 15 minutes to spend with frail pensioners

Whistleblowing paramedic who criticised two hospitals for being ‘unsafe’ after patients were routinely treated in corridor is banned from work

Exclusive: Croydon University Hospital hires ‘£5,000 per day’ QC to fight tribunal’s damning whistleblower’s verdict

Quality of care and patient safety in the UK: the way forward after Mid Staffordshire   Brian Jarman

Call for evidence: NHS complaints and clinical failure

‘This brutal gagging of NHS whistleblowers will mean more patients will die’ Gary Walker

2014 in review

Dudley hospital whistleblower settles out of court

Care Quality Commission: fiddling while whistleblowers burn

Fit and proper persons and duty of candour for NHS bodies

Care home boss suspended after naming whistleblower

The NHS is allowing babies to be maimed

‘U’ turn from Hunt’s team following media pressure

Ignored: whistleblower’s claim of nurse who ‘killed slowly’

Whistleblowing heart consultant was unfairly dismissed by hospital trust in bid to damage his reputation

‘Landmark legal win’ for cardiologist Kevin Beatt sacked by Croydon Hospital 

Health service whistleblower says: ‘I lost my shifts for raising my concerns about patient’

Jeremy Hunt: Message to NHS staff on transparent, safe healthcare

‘There were hundreds of us crying for help’: The afterlife of the whistleblower

Personal issue or does this need investigation ? You decide

Whistleblowing in the NHS – how safe are you?

Hospital whistleblower boss was taken off inquiry

‘No doctor should be untouchable’ Peter Wilmshurst

Hospital whistleblower was forced out of work by smear campaign

Call to protect Scottish NHS whistleblowers

Jeremy Hunt message to NHS staff on ‘sign up to safety campaign’

Whistleblowing heart surgeon is suspended on full pay

Woolwich gynaecologist defrauded the NHS out of thousands of pounds

Parents’ long wait of truth on baby’s death may be over

Whistleblower bullied by bosses

It’s time to stop bullying in the NHS for the sake of patients

NHS whistleblower who lifted the lid on treatment of vulnerable patients was warned, ‘you can’t beat us.’

NHS whistleblowing problems persist

My story – Noel Finn, Serco whistleblower

Four top health experts jailed for scamming NHS out of £1.1m by working half their contracted hours

Four jailed over £1.4m NHS fraud

Whistleblowing in the NHS – how safe are you?

Hunt orders NHS chiefs to set aside gagging orders

Whistleblowers are promised more protection and new jobs

Robert Francis – Fear must not stop whistleblowers coming forward

Freedom to speak up – Independent review into whistleblowing

I reported my concerns but was given the brush off

Independent review urges whistleblowers to speak up

Whistleblowing – Conclusions and Recommendations from Public Accounts Committee 

Former judge to probe GMC treatment of whistleblowing doctors

Public sector whistleblowers ‘treated shockingly’ report finds

Whistleblower treatment is often shocking say MPs

Francis whistleblowing inquiry just a tip of the iceberg

DOH to establish anti-fraud department

NHS whistleblower demands action

The Christie – human tissue sale probe

Jeremy Hunt – Changing culture in NHS

Whistleblower says NHS paid for dead patients

Surgeon dismissed after complaining about lack of equipment

Surgeon wins fight after NHS cover-up

Police called in over whistleblower’s claim of ‘cover-up’ over top of the NHS that led to deaths

 I was held prisoner at The Christie

NHS falling short of complaints handling – BBC news

Independent review planned to protect whistleblowers

Provider ordered to pay whistleblower £80k

Cherry Tree House did not meet minimum requirements

Protecting whistleblowers must be at the heart of change

BMA sues whistleblower surgeon

Officials to probe whistleblowers claim he was hounded out of NHS

Getting whistleblowers back to work

Jeremy Hunt message to staff on strengthening patient safety

Hunt vows to punish NHS bullies

Whistleblower sacked from Ealing Hospital demand a public inquiry

Whistleblowing in the NHS – Independent review

NHS whistleblowers to air complaints with jeremy Hunt

Letter to Jeremy Hunt 2 – help & justice for Sharmila

I was blacklisted for speaking out

Letter from DOH – received 30 May 2014

Is journalism Healthy?

If NHS were an airline they would always be crashing

Vindication of a whistleblower – The Daily Mail

Providing false information could become a criminal offence

Why whistleblowers pay the most – HSJ

Jeremy Hunt – recommendations of a whistleblower

NHS Chiefs’ expenses

NHS Whistleblowers need more protection

DOH tried to stop a doctor warning minister of poor care

We must listen to NHS Whistleblowers says new NHS chief

Pressure grows to deliver justice for whistleblowers

Why NHS managers should support Whistleblowers

NHS Whistleblowers demand Justice – The Times

Message from Jeremy Hunt  to NHS staff on whistleblowing

I can’t get a job and could lose my home says care home whistleblower

Patients First – message from Kim Holt & Roger Kline

Interview with David Drew

Whistleblower ‘blacklisted’ for exposing dozing nurses

Whistleblower surgeon suffer after claims of poor care

Raj Mattu whistleblower, wins

Meeting with Ed Jones, Advisor to Jeremy Hunt

Whistleblower nurse who exposed shocking truth about Stafford Hospital

Transparency & Honesty – King’s Fund

Simple lessons for the NHs from a whistleblower – Stephen Bolsin

EU considers US style rewards for whistleblowers

Jeremy Hunt warns NHS bosses not to block whistleblowing

Duty of Candour and fear of whistleblowing

NHS staff to have lessons in whistleblowing

NHS whistleblowers have raised 8,000 cases

CQC will listen to historical whistleblowers

NHS spend £2m gagging staff

Patients First and Christie Hospital

Stafford Inquiry

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