The following were submitted for Interim Relief Hearing held on 2 July 2010. 

Select wording typed in red below to look at the relevant evidences.

Evidence of Moonlighting    Contains paper trail evidence of moonlighting looking at weekly roster with correspondence from the Private hospital, statement from the medical secretary to NHS counter fraud.

Correspondences Relating to Moonlighting   Contains staff chart, email correspondences with  my line manager, clinical director,  medical director,  HR director, email from the clinical director to the medical director,  evidence of claiming overtime for uncompleted work from moonlighting

Over-Claiming of Overtimes     Waiting list initiative paid at premium rates for 4 hours work was worked for less than 3 hours. Paper trail and correspondences with my line manager, clinical director, HR director. It was confirmed 4 hours work was what was expected and not 3. Email of protest  from Akkib Rafique, deputy clinical director with my response.

Correspondence with Senior Management    Correspondences with the CEO, Finance director and HR Director, letter from trade union to CEO regarding my treatment

Counter fraud     Following an FOI, emails between Parkhill, local Counter fraud with HR Director and Finance Director, email from Parkhill to me after 9 months of submitting evidences to them  & day before my dismissal, email from Parkhill to Finance Director advising that consultants had not fulfilled their obligations with regards to their contract, email from Parkhill to HR Director regarding progress with regards to consultants as they have been approached by NHS counter fraud  who were contacted by the BBC

Letter to Mike McWha     Letter to PACS/RIS manager advising him that an investigation is about to take place due to his failure to upload vital patient data on the system. Some of these data were 6 months old. Many of these patients had cancer

Character References from Staff    Staff were continually watched while I was suspended. However, were brave enough to write statements in support of me

Interim Judgement   Judgement following interim relief hearing.  I had won the hearing.

Trust Apology  Written apology from Ealing Hospital  following interim hearing and winning internal appeal

Correspondence with  governing bodies and MPs:

Letter to Jeremy Hunt

Response from DOH – 30 May 2014

Response – NHS London     .

Response to Angie Bray from Andrew Lansley’s Office

Responses from No 10 Downing Street

Response from Andrew Lansley

Letter to George Osborne

Letter from MP to Chair of Ealing NHS Trust

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