1.  Historic whistleblowers have been dealt with by injudicious internal disciplinary procedures and employment tribunals. Even in a case like mine where I was vindicated at the tribunal I was not allowed back to work in the NHS. All historic whistleblowers should be given a fair hearing and restoration made to them in line with Ann Clwyd’s recommendation in her recent report.
  1.  There needs to be a named responsible body investigating whistleblowing cases.
  1.  Whistleblowers should not have to pay legal costs in circumstances where the whistle-blower is being adversely treated because of having blown the whistle  There should be no severance payments, which is costly to the taxpayer. If there needs to be, then the whistleblower should be paid to cover until retirement age of 68.
  1. The relevant Trust or Department of Health must find alternative work for any whistle-blower raising matters in good faith, if facing adverse treatment form the Trust where they blew the whistle, within travelling distance, on the same  terms of employment, and, so far as possible,  job description. Such whistleblowers should be paid until a suitable job is found.
  1. The Chief Executive, HR director and where appropriate Medical Director and the manager leading the case should be held accountable for any proven adverse treatment to a whistleblower.
  1. Unions need to take greater responsibility and be clear about their limitations when dealing with whistleblowing cases.
  1.  Any severance payments payable to whistleblowers should be publicly disclosed.

For more details:

Submission of recommendations to Francis review

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