Media coverage of my case

LBC Radio – NHS Whistleblowing

Richie Allen Show 

Why I became a radiology whistleblower

Mr Hunt fails whistleblowers

My name is Sharmila. I am an NHS whistleblower

Hunt ignores question in House of Commons

More Hunt Balls: how the Health Secretary ‘protects’ whistleblowers

Sharmila Chowdhury on whistleblowing 

HSJ – An open letter to Jeremy Hunt from a whistleblower

‘Dear Mr Hunt, who is responsible for redress of whistleblowers?’

BBC Victoria Derbyshire show 

Channel 5 News: ‘Calls to protect NHS whistleblowers

Radio interview – BBC Asian Network


ITV London – meeting-with-hunt-and-stevens

Channel 4 News

Appalling treatment of whistleblowers must be investigated

‘Common people’ – play on whistleblowing

The Independent – sacked-nhs-whistleblower-vindicated

The Independent – hung-out-to-dry-scandal-of-the-abandoned-nhs-whistleblowers

The Times – Hunt vows to punish bullies

The Times – I was blacklisted for speaking out

 Channel 5 News –  calls-to-protect-nhs-whistleblowers

Slatergordon News – nhs-whistleblower-wins-important-victory-on-her-road-to-vindication

The Guardian – whistleblowers-raise-concerns-jobs-loss-nhs

The Times – pressure grows to deliver justice for whistleblowers

Daily Mirror – labour-leader-ed-miliband-throws-support-behind-brave-nhs-whistleblower-sharmila-chowdhury

Get West London – ed-miliband-honours-ealing-champions-at-house-of-commons

Ealing Gazette – Whistleblower sacked demand a public inquiry

The Times – NHS whistleblowers to air complaints with Jeremy Hunt

NHS whistleblower invited to ‘local heroes’ event


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