The Times I was Blacklisted as a whistleblower

The Times NHS Whistleblowers Demand Justice

Channel 4 Whistleblower protection Campaign

The Guardian march 18 2014 whistleblowers who raise concerns jobs loss nhs

The Independent Sacked NHS Whistleblower Vindicated

The Independent Hung Out To Dry, scandal of the Abandoned NHS Whistleblowers

Doctor Zorro Blogspot

Slater & Gordon Lawyers

Meeting with Ed Jones, advisor to Jeremy Hunt


Some article from Jeremy Hunt  on Whistleblowers.

The Guardian Jeremy Hunt warns NHS bosses not to block whistleblowing

Daily Mail Highlighting increase in Whistleblowers

ITV News Gagging of the Whistleblowers


Health Select Committee Inquiry into raising concerns 18 March 2014


For whistleblowing advice

Care Quality Commission

NHS Helpline

Public Concern at Work



Patients First

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