Letter to Hunt 25 Oct 2015

Sent via email

25 October 2015

Rt Hon Mr Jeremy Hunt

Health Secretary

Dear Mr Hunt,

As well as copying you into the letter I have sent to Kathy McLean a week ago, I am forwarding you the letter.

As you may be aware my post finishes in two weeks. After which I will have no income.

I have persevered working at The Imperial despite being placed under very stressful conditions. However, the last two months after intervention from the TDA helped  – although the work given was yet again different for the 4th time within one year, and had no bearing to my previous 30 years of experience in the health service nor the pay that I was earning.

Please can you intervene to see that a permanent effective solution is found where my income and pension before whistleblowing is reinstated. Please also take into consideration that I have been unable to pay my mortgage for the last 6 years following whistleblowing. I have been paying interest only.

I have already paid a very high price with permanent damage to my career and health which has caused endless stress not just to myself but also to my family. Please could you at very least ensure that my livelihood is not permanently destroyed and I do not end up losing my home.

I continue to have treatments and although I realise that my life will never be ‘normal’ again, I would however, like to experience some peace.

As time is fast running out, I hope you will look into my case as a matter of urgency. Please do not take the normal time in responding as my situation has now become urgent. Please could you respond within 5 working days.
With kindest regards