response from Hunt’s office prior to employment

To: ‘sharmila chowdhury’

Thanks Sharmila, I hope it works out for you. It’s not my place to be involved but from just reading the below it appears as though a concerted and sincere effort has been made to help you back into the NHS workplace. I really don’t think the general election or FT trust application have any bearing.

But you must do what you think is right for you.

Take care


From: sharmila chowdhury []
Sent: 27 August 2014 12:43
To:; Jones, Edward
Subject: FW: Post at The Imperial

Dear Jeremy & Ed,

I am forwarding you emails so far with The Imperial, so that you are kept informed.

Hopefully we will meet to see what jobs they are willing to offer or create for me.

However, it will only be on a fixed term basis. So, I will be in the same situation again in due course.

The argument that it may be a ‘stepping stone’ is not valid. I had worked for 8 months at a private clinic, successfully undertaking and implementing changes needed for registration with CQC. We passed 1st time without any recommendations, unlike most organisations  and where there are staff teams to do this.  I did this without anyone else to assist me. Despite this, I have not been able to get any work.

Of course I won’t refuse any reasonable offer of work, as any work is better than none. However, my struggle will carry on.

Also, most posts within NHS are permanent. As a service manager, the only time we employed temp was covering leave, illnesses and training. If the argument is that they have to advertise, then this can be done locally, with person spec finely tuned. I have done this myself in the past. So, this argument doesn’t hold.

I would be delighted to work at The Imperial, mainly because I trained and worked at Hammersmith and Charing Cross. My son, Alister, was also a patient at St Mary’s. I have also some  ex colleagues in all of the 3 hospitals and have fondness for all 3.

However, I am nervous mainly:

1. Imperial are almost being forced to find something for me. Not sure they want me. They seem to have been dragging their heals.

2. The xxxxxxxxxxxx   was xxxxxxxxx at  xxxxxxxx, where whistleblowers were victimised.  xxxx would be my line manager. However,   xxxxxxxxxx seemed really nice and I genuinely liked xxxxx. Described as ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ by a whistleblower at xxxxxxxxx .

Anyway, not sure what you can do to help. If nothing, then at least you know what’s happening.