Response from TDA to MP and me

From the office of Dr Kathy McLean, Medical Director

18th November 2015
Dr Rupa Huq MP
Member of Parliament for Ealing Central and Acton
House of Commons
105 Victoria Street
Dear Dr Rupa Huq MP
Re: Ms Sharmila Chowdhury
Thank you for your letter of 23 October to Bob Alexander on behalf of your constituent Ms Sharmila Chowdhury about her employment situation within the NHS, I am responding on his behalf. I understand that you have also received correspondence from Ben Gummer MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Care Quality, regarding Ms Chowdhury’s employment situation.
By way of background, I met with Ms Chowdhury last year to discuss with her the issues she was facing and to support her, where I could, in seeking employment in the NHS. Following that, I facilitated a link between her and Professor Chris Harrison, Medical Director at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, to consider if there were any opportunities within the Trust that could be suitable.
As a result of that Ms Chowdhury accepted an offer of employment at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust as a business manager for undergraduate medical education. This was a fixed term role for 12 months that was due to come to an end at the beginning of November this year.
The job has evolved during that time and her contract has since been extended to the end of November to allow her to complete some project work. Like many other Trusts the financial challenges at Imperial mean there are a limited number of new vacancies either fixed term or permanent and a high level of competition for those that do come up.

Nevertheless the Trust continue to offer Ms Chowdhury support and advice with finding further employment as they would any other member of staff in the same situation.
Ms Chowdhury asks in her note to me, that you have enclosed, if her pension and income can be reinstated to the level that it was before her whistleblowing case. I have replied to Ms Chowdhury to explain that that is not in my power to do (I enclose my response to her with this letter).
I do recognise this is a difficult time for Ms Chowdhury and her health concerns will of course exacerbate that but feel as if I have, at this stage, taken things as far as I can in supporting her to improve her situation.
Yours sincerely
Dr. Kathy McLean
NHS TDA Medical Director
From the office of Dr Kathy McLean, Medical Director
Email from Dr Kathy McLean to Ms Sharmila Chowdhury, 16 November 2015

Dear Sharmila
Thank you for your email. First of all I am very sorry to hear about your health which must, I’m sure, be really difficult for you.
I understand that since your email, the Trust have extended your contract until the end of November to support you to complete your project work, which is positive news.
You asked me to look into how your income and pension can be reinstated to what it was after your fixed term contract ends. I’m afraid to say that is not within my power to undertake and as such I am not sure there is more I am able to do for you in the circumstances.
I hope you will feel the support that both I and the Trust have provided over the last period has been helpful to you in your situation.
I wish you the very best both professionally and also on a personal level
Kind Regards