The performance will last approximately 1h40min and there will be English subtitles. After the performance, we will invite you to have a seat on the stage, in the set, together with the other 6 whistleblowers: Ciro Rinaldi, Ornella Piredda – from Italy and Ian Foxley – from England and 3 Romanians : Liviu Costache, Alin Goga and Glaudiu Tutulan. Ms. Eileen Chubb was note able to come to Sibiu in this period. There will also be on stage Ms Gianina Carbunariu and Mr. Codru Vrabie, who is the one that wrote the law for whistleblowers in Romania. The discussion will be moderated by Mr. Constantin Chiriac, the general manager of the Radu Stanca National Theater. Gianina wishes to prepare 2-3 questions for you and the rest of the whistleblowers. As soon as I’ll have the questions I will send them to you. For all these discussions you will have English translation in headphones.