Counter Fraud

Dr William (Bill) Lynn, Deputy Chief Executive of Ealing Hospital claimed  to The Evening Standard on 7 May 2014  that JUlie Lowe, the then chief executive commissioned an independent review with the NHS counter fraud team, which “found there was no case to answer” in regards to my raised concerns. I felt as a result, there was no choice but to bring to you the details of the ‘ independent investigation’. However, see below:

Counter Fraud Evidence

For best results, this should be read using Adobe Reader, 2 pages to a view


One thought on “Counter Fraud

  1. I a nurse and when I reported abuse, at Sunderland Royal Hospital, of a patient who had dementia and was given Midazolam “to shut him up and his wife isnt isnt visting this afternoon” and neglect of a pedication wasnt post op pt with LD. His medication was not prescribed, the permenant staff on the ward were more interested in the consultant seeing other pts. I called his parents & the outreach team from ICU. Got him stablised and his medication sorted out.
    I was a bank nurse and was told I would not get any more shifts. The director of nursing wrote and told me that ALL the sisters on about 8 different wards had “expressed concerns about my work” I wasnt allowed to see any evidence because it would breach their confidence. More likely it would prove the Director of nursing at Sunderland Royal Hospital a liar.
    we need a confidential hotline for reporting on the same lines as crimestoppers

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