Meeting with Hunt and Stevens – ITV London


Following from a letter sent to Jeremy Hunt, Health Secretary, by Sharmila Chowdhury, a NHS whistleblower, and from the 6 whistleblowers to Simon Stevens, Head of NHS,  a meeting was arranged with Jeremy Hunt and Simon Stevens at Richmond House on 18 June 2014 to discuss serious problems relating to NHS whistleblowing.


In attendance were other prominent whistleblowers. The group described problems which surrounded whistlblowing and the risks to patients which has resulted in NHS staff being too scared to speak up.


The group unanimously  have demanded for public inquiry, so that lessons can be learned and ‘correct’ measures can be implemented to protect all whistleblowers. Hunt acknowledged that there were serious problems with whistleblowing in the NHS and it was far from perfect. He also agreed there is a still a long way to go.

3 thoughts on “Meeting with Hunt and Stevens – ITV London

  1. I wonder I wonder Jeremy Hunt, Health Secretary is he on another planet he paying attention to whot been said but inreality hes going to do whot they do best ignore it all ready for the nhs sell off the sale of the centuary taking no notice at all jeff3

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