Hunt vows to punish NHS bullies

The Times 25 June 2014


Sharmila Chowdhury exposed two doctors who were moonlighting The Times

Jeremy Hunt has launched an independent review into whistleblowing in the NHS that will be led by the QC who ran the Mid Staffs inquiry.The health secretary pledged to protect NHS staff who speak out after a campaign led by six of the country’s best-known whistleblowers.
The review will be chaired by Sir Robert Francis, QC, whose report into the Mid Staffordshire scandal led to soul-searching in hospitals nationwide. Mr Hunt said the review would ensure that “where NHS whistleblowers are mistreated there are appropriate remedies for staff and accountability for those mistreating them”.
His announcement was welcomed by the six whistleblowers.Sharmila Chowdhury, who lost her job and may lose her home after whistleblowing at her NHS trust, said she was “the happiest girl in the world”.
Mark Porter, the chairman of the British Medical Association, said it would be a challenge to make sure that openness was seen “as a good thing in itself”.
The health secretary told The Times that doctors had become complacent about patient safety in some ways. As part of a wider effort to eliminate medical blunders, he wants patients to be shown an airline-style safety video when they go into hospital.
He said that after the Francis Report safety was recognised as as big a problem as compassion yet 5 per cent of hospital deaths in the NHS were avoidable.

5 thoughts on “Hunt vows to punish NHS bullies

  1. my only hope is you don’t put to much trust in this Jeremy hunt has a minister he nows whots happening but lies only seems to come of their mouths when they tell you that they believe but being doctor consultant can atleast carry on with another job jeff3

    • As whistleblowers, quite a few of us have been blacklisted and are unable to secure work. I have had posts withdrawn after a written offer had been made, interviews cancelled on the day, posts withdrawn after an interview.

      So, they cannot say we can just carry on with another job. Many NHS whistleblowers have left the country, retired early, gagged with compensation, started a business etc. Some have even committed suicide due to pressure.

      • I hope not that taking their lives is not only done by the poor but doctors also it seems our governments pay little to words but dearly hope you can get back to your doctoring and yes I do now you see they black listed loads in the building industries but under a new government you can atleast do whot you trained to do jeff3

  2. I dont trust a word the Cons say especially after the sell offs of the NHS. My experience was at Sunderland Royal Hospital where the Director of Nursing condones abuse and neglect. I was a Bank S/N and given no more shifts after reporting 3 S/Ns on 2 wards

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