The Christie: Cancer hospital human tissue sale claim probe

BBC News Manchester
Christie Hospital in WithingtonThe Christie is coming under scrutiny from three government watchdogs

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Claims that human tissue samples from a leading cancer hospital were sold to drugs companies without patients’ knowledge, are to be investigated.

The Human Tissue Authority (HTA) said it will investigate allegations about The Christie Hospital in Manchester raised by MP Rosie Cooper.

The Christie NHS Foundation Trust has denied the claims.

It is also to be examined by two other health watchdogs after whistleblowers’ allegations about poor leadership.

Monitor, which scrutinises NHS trust leadership, and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) will visit The Christie within two weeks.

‘Gagging clause’

Dr Chris Birkett, Head of Regulation at the HTA said: “Following concerns raised by Rosie Cooper MP, the Human Tissue Authority – the watchdog for tissue and organs – is looking into allegations that tissue samples were sold by an NHS trust to pharmaceutical companies, without the knowledge of the patients concerned.”

Ms Cooper, Labour MP for West Lancashire, said: “If that is true it is outrageous.”

Following her written question in the House of Commons, she said: “We can’t get the full statements around that because the employee concerned has signed a gagging clause.”

Rosie Cooper
Rosie Cooper’s concerns have sparked a watchdog’s investigation

A Christie statement said: “The Christie does not sell human tissue samples to pharmaceutical companies.

“Neither would the trust carry out any activity relating to patients without their consent.”

Monitor and CQC representatives will make unannounced visits to the hospital speaking to staff at all levels and looking into some issues raised by the whistleblowers about the organisation’s culture and how it is led.

A Christie spokesman said neither Monitor nor CQC had expressed any concerns about the quality of care at the hospital.

He added: “This visit is not an investigation or an inspection, and has been prompted by concerns raised about the process of whistleblowing at the trust to Monitor and CQC.”

One thought on “The Christie: Cancer hospital human tissue sale claim probe

  1. more truths coming out isn’t life funny with these torys selling of your body parts for spares to other companies how silly me isn’t that wrong nah while bringing in extra monies through this it doesn’t benefit you so they not only robbed your body parts they also selling your hospital records too so if one gets better that indurance you take out instead of 28pounds its now 99pounds has now the insurance companies think you are now a cashcow to milk yes this lot have sold everyone down the river jeff3

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