Call to protect Scottish NHS whistleblowers

Sunday Times
Mark Macaskill Published: 26 October 2014

Doctors in Scotland will give evidence to English inquiry into care home abuse, led by Sir Robert Francis

Doctors in Scotland will give evidence to English inquiry into care home abuse, led by Sir Robert Francis

SCOTTISH ministers have been urged to set up an independent review of the treatment of NHS whistleblowers amid claims by opposition politicians and patient groups that staff who speak out continue to face “disturbing” levels of bullying, harassment and victimisation.

Doctors from Scotland have given evidence to a review held in England, chaired by Sir Robert Francis QC, who recently led the inquiry into the health scandal at NHS Mid Staffordshire. The review aims to improve patient safety south of the border by improving protection for NHS whistleblowers and creating a culture of greater transparency.

However, criticism has been levelled at the Scottish government for failing to hold a similar review amid a number of high-profile cases in Scotland which have highlighted the backlash faced by staff who decide to raise concerns about patient safety.

A spokesman for the Scottish government said that it had established an anonymous telephone line

7 thoughts on “Call to protect Scottish NHS whistleblowers

  1. this government doesnt like wb its not helping them to quietly sell off the nhs but protecting them theyl tell you yes but do nowt has we know now

    • I have yet to see any WB protected and helped.
      In my case, there has been yet to be any investigation into both my raised concerns despite it costing me my job, pension, livelihood, home, health and may be even my life (as I now have cancer – which many consultants think is a direct result due to stress from whistleblowing). CQC, NHS London, NHS counter fraud, No 10, The Treasury & DH all fully aware.
      Not only has there been no investigation into concerns, there has been no investigation into my treatment or any positive help.
      We will wait to see what Sir Francis recommends. However, none of it it seems will help anyone currently suffering.

      • After whistleblowing against a Doctor my life has been destroyed the PCT GMC failed to investigate properly covering up my concerns and findings. In retaliation the doctor made false allegations to the NMC who’s incompetent witch hunt suspended me for 3 years and then I was cleared. The governing bodies have much to answer to as theres no protection for whistleblowers, all that does happen is people turning there backs on you.

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