Personal issue or does this need of further investigation? You decide

By  Fiona Bell 9 October 2014
 Read the attachment then tell me is this just a personal employment issue or does this also require further investigation as I have requested. This is the response you get from those in power , when you blow the whistle in order to save life, 600 submissions to the Francis review so far, I really thought having met those in power many times now, they would realise, we really do expect change
 Dear Mr Hunt,
Below is the response from your office from my email highlighting the concerns of a whistle blower , The concerns raised were advising of a nurse whom allegedly went around turning off the drips off elderly end of life patients in order to speed up their deaths .
Therefore I would like some one to explain to me and the public , how this is a personal employment matter? I’m pretty sure if you asked any member of the public, ” is this a personal employment issue or a matter that requires further investigation and full support for the whistle blower,”? Common sense would prevail and the public would expect a full investigation of all allegations.
The bog standard response from your office is part of all that is wrong and only aids those trying to cover up wrong doing. Quite frankly a disgrace that the DoH continue their “business as usual approach towards the whistle blower” it does not inspire confidence for the future or any future recommendations that may be made by the review .
For the record I am not asking for a discussion, I am requesting that these allegations are investigated fully by an independent body.
There are far too many whistle blowers left without employment and astoundingly still, in some very recent cases gagged , Those that cover up or do wrong are promoted or let go quietly.
Fiona Bell
———- Forwarded message ———-
From: <>
Date: 6 November 2014 16:53
Subject: Response to your Query : – Ref:DE00000892418 – your recent correspondence to Jeremy Hunt and Ed Jones

Our ref: DE00000892418

Dear Ms Bell,

Thank you for your correspondence of 14 October to Jeremy Hunt and Ed Jones about Mr xxxxxx. I have been asked to reply.

The Department of Health has noted the concerns in your correspondence. However, as mentioned in previous replies to you, ministers and Department of Health officials are not in a position to discuss personal employment issues.

Thank you for raising your concerns.

Yours sincerely,

Jeremy Vooght
Ministerial Correspondence and Public Enquiries
Department of Health


5 thoughts on “Personal issue or does this need of further investigation? You decide

  1. it beggers belief but this government has nearly killed off the nhs and whistle blowers to them are nothing to take notice off it seems the likes off virgin health and the americans are just waiting for the kill having whistle blowers onboard nay they realy dont want those do they when going private jeff3

  2. How depressing. The so called watchdogs are often a part of the problem rather than the start of a solution. The weakest link of all is the information commissioners office. If investigations look like they might find uncomfortable evidence the ahrhotity involved regularly destroy and erase data safe in tbe knowledge that the ICO will do nothing. The NHS “lost” my notes, Southwark council destroyed criminal evidence, the jobcentre forged my notes all to cover up activities. This reply is typical. These offices claim to defend justice but they are part of the same machine. Any sensible person can see through tbese condescending replies. You are supposed to stop complaining and piss off. Unfortunately most people do.

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