Jeremy Hunt – is ‘sorry’ really the hardest word?

By Fiona Bell

Whilst travelling through the night in preparation for the Francis review, I decided once again to tackle the issue of an apology for Families of the bereaved and NHS whistle blowers, I knew Mr Hunt was due to give his response to the Francis report, and like many others knew things were not right in the NHS for patients and whistle blowers,  so thought perhaps it would be the right time , I think my request is quite clear, yet again I ask politely for a public apology for all . 
From: Fbell
Date: 11 February 2015 00:27:30 GMT” <>,

Subject: Francis report

Dear Mr Hunt,

On the 28th October I listened as you spoke at the zero harm event , at that event you may recall I asked for an apology, for all families that had lost loved ones because of unsafe care and for our NHS whistle blowers.  You went on to explain that you often wrote to families to apologise, but without wanting to appear harsh that did not address the issue , you simply gave the answer of a politician and talked around the issue.

Tomorrow you will give your response to the Francis report on whistle blowing , many people will have hopes and expectations that may well seem impossible to fulfil.

So once again I ask again for a public apology for bereaved families and whistle blowers.  A simple apology costs nothing ,  litigation however costs the tax payer a small fortune.

Kind Regards

Fiona Bell

Imagine my surprise today when I get such a prompt response . …...

Date: 12 February 2015 11:25:36 GMT
To: fbell
Subject: Response to your Query :  – Ref:DE00000897093 – Your correspondence about whistleblowing.
Our ref: DE00000897093
Dear Ms Bell,

Thank you for your recent correspondence about whistleblowing, and your call for the Secretary of State for Health to make a public statement.  I have been asked to reply.

I hope you had the chance to see Mr Hunt’s statement in the House of Commons yesterday.  A link to the transcript of that statement is here:

Yours sincerely,

Alan Addison
Ministerial Correspondence and Public Enquiries
Department of Health

One would ask do our politicians not understand a simple plain English request , it appears that “sorry” really is the hardest word.


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