‘Left on the bones of my backside Mr Hunt!’


By Anonymous whistle bower 28 July 2015

I am a NHS whistle blower. 

I can honestly say that today, I’m  better off Than I was 3 years ago , 2012 my money had run out , I’d been made redundant in 2010 , approx. 18 months after whistle blowing in the NHS . 

There was nothing else to do other than sign on, (claim job seekers allowance) in 2012 Job seekers allowance was 71.00 per week, on top of that my rent (some of the rent was paid as was some of my council tax) Any short fall had to be made up by my son, who was studying via university grant and working when he wasn’t studying. 

Living on £71.00 was to prove to be one of the biggest financial challenges life could bring. 

It was broken down like this :

£10.00 water rates per week taken direct from…

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