Pressure Grows to Deliver Justice for Whistleblowers


The Times Politics 7 May 2014

The group want Jeremy Hunt to assure health service workers that they can raise concerns without fearing for their careers

Oli Scarff/Getty ImagJeremy Hunt
Doctors, nurses and MPs from both sides of the Commons united yesterday to demand justice for NHS whistleblowers who were ousted from their jobs after raising the alarm over poor care.
The new head of the health service faces growing pressure to reopen the cases of six former staff after The Times revealed that they had asked the government for a public inquiry into how they came to be punished for speaking out.
Five were recognised as whistleblowers during their employment tribunals and the medical skills of the sixth were not in question, his trust’s chief executive accepted. None has returned to their job.
The group wants Simon Stevens, the new head…

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