More Hunt Balls: how the Health Secretary ‘protects’ whistleblowers

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Sharmila Chowdhury is an NHS whistleblower who reported consultant fraud in an NHS hospital and was dismissed as a result. The case is about as shocking as any I’ve come across.
Ms Chowdhury reported fraudulent professional claims (amounting to £280,000) to her senior management in an NHS Trust.  The report was fully evidenced, but in a pernicious cover-up, false counterclaims were used to frame her. She  was marched out of the hospital in full view of her colleagues by a senior HR manager – and then dismissed.
She quickly took the claim to a Tribunal, and won easily: the judge instructed the Trust to reinstate her, but its management refused…offering the convenient excuse that ‘new technology’ had rendered her post redundant. Short of funds and unemployed, Sharmila Chowdhury settled for a sum which barely covered her legal fees.
At Richmond House in June 2014, Chowdhury and six other similarly bullied…

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2 thoughts on “More Hunt Balls: how the Health Secretary ‘protects’ whistleblowers

  1. If Hunt really intended to protect whistleblowers then at least 80% of those on the NMC hearings list over the last 10 years would be removed. Also 80% of those cases coming up
    They are there because they have reported and vindictive employers have referred them on false allegations. The allegations are such that there is a ‘possibility’of guilt therefore they are sanctioned

  2. is there anyone out …. who will listen and actively support WB? not for your own personal gain, but because one day you/your loved ones could be at the receiving end of poor NHS treatment or working in an abusive ‘caring profession’ environment. We (yes, you reading this…) may think it will never happen to you or its been going on for so long you think its ‘normal’ to be abused at work?
    The unions are cuddling up with the employers/(not so) HR incompetent and money grabbing idiots – far too many of them vs staff ‘ they are all in it together’, in order to protect their each other and a severe detriment to the workers ESP WB and anyone who dares to speak out – again the ‘caring profession’!!! A Bevan would be turning in his grave.
    How many more times are we going to read about failing hospitals? WB’s being reduced to being summarily dismissed for gross misconduct – is it my imagination, but generally WB are accused of bullying JUNIOR staff members who have hundreds of alleged complaints stockpiled up against them, who are these hundreds of staff? where have they been with their historic false allegations? more so why have management not done their jobs WHEN the SERIOUS allegations occurred?
    One has to ask a very simple question – WB with many years in the ‘trade’ have had NO convictions, allegations, incidents and a clean work record UNTIL THEY BLOW THE WHISTLE and then OMG…. there is paperwork flying out of every orifice possible? Strange isn’t it!!!!

    I speak from my own experience…. RGN of 30 yrs vs new nurse of 7 weeks instigated her 1st allegation (child abuse and potential murder of patients) – Oh by the way – this was informally resolved over a cuppa at the hospital canteen some 2.5 weeks later (i saw the said letter nearly 2 yrs later). 2nd attempt of false allegations now she (SD) is qualified 1 year – to cut into my 4 year ordeal…. I was summarily dismissed for gross misconduct (having been on long term sick leave from April 2012) i received the totality of the alleged allegations 5 months later.
    RU sitting down? SD says at ET – they are not my complaints? oh i thought ‘why are we here at my expense both financially and physically) – Oh to fit into the ‘caring professions’ this is what one has to do? end another’s career!!!!
    CRUX of my situation – I raised a complaint against my nurse manager (who subsequently doesn’t work in the dept anymore!!) for her (known) bullying and verbal abuse – but of course i was talking a pile of shite although evidence to prove i was not….
    GOOD NEWS as a litigant in person i WON MY CASE OF UNFAIR DISMISSAL AGAINST MY HEALTH BOARD (You know who you are).

    For all Lits in person – please stay strong you are there because you believed right it right and wrong is wrong – YOU DON’T NEED LEGAL REPRESENTATION AT A MIGHTY COST, its your case and hold onto your belief of being a loving and caring person due to the simple fact YOU ARE STANDING UP and fighting corruption and nepotism.
    ps watch your back with your union !!!!! get them to deliver the goods before you hand over yours (that’s their trick) which they then pass on to your enemies.

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