My name is Sharmila. I am an NHS whistleblower

My name is Sharmila. I am an NHS Whistleblower


My name is Sharmila.

I worked as a radiographer in the NHS for 30 years, until I became a whistleblower.

I had worked in the NHS since 1980, qualified as a radiographer in 1983 and had 30 wonderful years of uninterrupted employment. I joined Ealing Hospital in February 2003 as Deputy Imaging Manager and I was promoted to Imaging Manager in May 2008.

As Imaging Manager, I was responsible for 60 members of staff in the department, not including consultant radiologists. I was also the budget holder for the department and was responsible for signing off any additional work and attendance of all staff, including the consultant radiologists. It was during this time as the departmental budget holder, that I began to notice discrepancies.

I raised concerns that very substantial sums of money were being paid to two consultants who were working – over a period spanning several years –…

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