FPPR closure letter from CQC to St. Georges re Paula Vasco-Knight

“Dr Minh Alexander referred Paula Vasco-Knight to CQC on 12 October 2015 regarding Fit and Proper Person issues, and as of 11 May 2016, has not yet received a substantive response. However, St. George’s has disclosed a copy of  a letter from Mike Richards CQC Chief Inspector of Hospitals to St. Georges dated 16 February 2016, closing the matter. This is the letter.”


Sarah Wilton

Interim Chair

Chief Executive’s Office

Room 28, 1 st Floor, Grosvenor Wing

St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Blackshaw Road

Tooting, London SW17 OQT


16 February 2016

Care Quality Commission

Health and Social Care Act 2008

Fit and Proper Persons: Information of concern received

Provider name: St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust

Dear Ms Wilton

Thank you for your letter of 4 February 2016 which outlines the action the registered provider took to review the fitness of Dr Paula Vasco-Knight. This was supplied in response to our earlier correspondence with Mr Christopher Smallwood, now retired, raising information of concern we had received.

We have fully considered the more detailed information you have provided on behalf of the registered provider in respect of the queries we raised. We note that, on the basis of this information, Mr Smallwood was satisfied that Dr Paula Vasco-Knight is a fit and proper person. We note the extent to which he sought to gain an accurate picture of the allegations against Dr Paula Vasco-Knight and that the fit and proper person check for the registered provider has been completed and is thorough.

The Fit and Proper Person Management Review Meeting on 10 February 2016 concluded that, subject to confirmation by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) of their judgement, St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust, the Registered Provider, has not breached regulation 5. We were subsequently able to gain this confirmation from the NMC and consider the matter closed.

This concludes our review of the registered provider’s processes. We reserve the right to re-open the case if further information that comes to light indicates that we should.

Yours sincerely


Professor Sir Mike Richards

Chief Inspector of Hospitals

Cc Dr Paula Vasco-Knight, St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust cc Jim Mackey, NHS Improvement

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