PATIENT SAFETY? Poem from NHS whistleblower (Anon)


I can still remember

The Human Being that was me

I loved life, and was happy

Just to be


Lucky was I, to have work that was a passion

Not something I thought of as a passing fashion

I had a past, was in the present and had a future to cheer

Then I found myself in a culture of fear

Staff so afraid to speak out here


As a HR Director I knew what to do!

Despite the reality, they would then persecute you

I took a deep breath telling myself I was strong

And how prioritising human life would not be perceived wrong


The experience was then and was sadly for so many

Is they will ensure you are left without a penny

They will torment, torture and bully you as well

They will not even stop when you are in a living hell


Where do you then go to get help on the way?

It’s an employment problem, they will all say!

The choice is then to take money you are told

For that your silence you will have to hold


The question is then, what is the price?

What is the amount to justify the human sacrifice?

There was not an amount was for the answer for me

Going back to the human being I wanted to be.


Therefore the attacks still continue, even to this day!

I cannot forsee a day they will go away

I try and I try for my girls to sustain

But the reality is, it is unbearable pain


The people that could help or intervene

Do nothing so you are left, feeling your life has no mean

With that in mind there is never a high

And you end up not caring whether you live or die


I want to stand strong and I claim all is alright

But I am unable to stand on my own and question the fight


Physical pain is not the worst for a human to survive

They know that humiliation, and dignity to deprive

Casting you out from the flock is truly a shock

And is akin and the same too burying a person alive!

5 thoughts on “PATIENT SAFETY? Poem from NHS whistleblower (Anon)

  1. This strikes a chord in anyone facing injustice by people who know they can lie and get away with it by behaviour that is so unprofessional and cruel that it sounds unlikely to be true when you tell your story. So people think you must have a mental health problem and just say ” they wouldn’t do that!”
    Eventually you do have a mental health problem because you feel alone and maybe doubt yourself. But other people know this happens and the people who assaulted your character know that you are better than they are. Lies can be exposed and have to change to suit the question. Truth is solid and doesn’t change. The people who claim to protect you with hearings and tribunals are not on your side. They are a thin veneer of pretence that there is justice in the world but they also work to targets and are open to bullying and corruption.
    You may never win you cases or get what you deserve but your soul will be undamaged and even made stronger while theirs will shrivel until no God will want it near them and they will pay the price of the damage done to you. Look these people in the eye and watch them crumble. I hope you somehow find peace. I am on the same mission as you are and I would rather have poverty and hardship than the heavy weight of the cheats and liars alway wondering if and when they will be exposed. They will feel sick and frightened every time a letter from you arrives. So keep writing and complaining until the reply reveals the lies when they forget a detail or event that they invented while your story remains unchanged.
    Good luck

  2. This manner of institutionalised intimidation and destruction of whistleblowers in the NHS is well established. There is a system ingrained in NHS organisational (culture – structure and function) to destroy whistleblower, who are seen by NHS Managers as ‘dissenters’ damaging the corporate image of the NHS (organisations) rather than caring conscientious staff who raise concern to protect and foster vulnerable patients. NHS “Leaders” display arrogance and hypocrisy in claiming NHS Whistleblowers are supported (and protected). I am attending a NHS I ‘workshop tomorrow’ 24th March in London to help NHS I in formulating plans and processes to ‘find NHS whistleblowers’ who lose their jobs further employment in the NHS. . . One should ask “why should whistleblowers lose their jobs, be blacklisted and seek employment elsewhere” ? This displays the fact that how flawed the NHS I planning is. Isn’t it right for the NHS I and the Whistleblowing Guardian, Dr Henrietta Hughes to protect the whistleblower and hold to account the CEOs Medical Directors and the Executive board ? Punitive action should be taken against establishments who bully (and destroy) whistleblowers.

  3. Punishing whistleblowers is not confined to the NHS! I worked in a Further Education College which was running a deficit; when I told the Director about the fraud that was going on in the government sponsored training scheme (for which the College received £1.25 million per year), his immediate response was – not going to look at it! He later denied the conversation ever took place and I was subsequently unfairly dismissed. My Union failed me utterly when I refused to accept a ‘pay-off’, so I took my case to an Industrial Tribunal where I represented myself – and won! Just for the record, the IT lasted 26 days and I lost half a stone in weight even before it started!! Honesty has its price!

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