Letter to my line manager regarding access to network & subsequent referral to occupational health

From: Chowdhury, Sharmila Sent: 23 June 2015 09:33 To: Ferguson, Teena Cc: Eaton, Julie Subject: amended letter & access to microsoft

Good morning Teena.

As discussed, I am enclosing the amended letter. I have highlighted ones I dispute.

At meeting yesterday you said that Daniel/Maggie thought I was not physically well as I was querying about Microsoft.

Last week I was at Hammersmith early for a meeting, so went into the ‘Hub’ to access a computer to do some work.

However, I could not get access on the available computer, so asked Daniel if this was problem was with the particular computer. He said the network was down. However, I am not sure how asking this was a reflection on my wellbeing/health.

With best wishes


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