Bristol MP ‘determined upholder of NHS values of care free at the point of delivery’ – clinicians

By BrisNWNews  |  Posted: March 23, 2015

Charlotte Leslie with her NHS surgeon father Ian

Charlotte Leslie is a ‘determined upholder of the NHS values of care free at the point of delivery and need – not only for now, but for generations to come’.That’s the view of a group of NHS surgeons, professors and whistleblowers who put their careers on the line to keep the NHS free and safe both now and in the future. They include Professor Steve Bolsin, the anaesthetist who brought the Bristol baby heart surgery death rates into the public arena, leading to vastly reduced mortality at the Bristol Royal Infirmary as well as the implementation of clinical governance reforms in the UK. In the letter, the group say that Bristol North West MP Ms Leslie, who sits on the Health Select Committee, has been a steadfast supporter of work done to make sure NHS staff will never again have their careers put at risk because they highlighted poor practices which undermined patient safety.

 The letter says: “We write as a group of NHS campaigners for transparency, most of us whistleblowers, who have seen the worst of the NHS. 

 “Whistleblowers have suffered for the sake of protecting the interests of patients. 

 “Many of us have been through years of painful turmoil as a result of speaking up. 

 ” In such a journey, there are often few dependable friends.One of the few exceptions to this has been Charlotte Leslie MP, a woman of great decency, capability and refreshing honesty. NHS whistleblowers and cam-paigners are much indebted to her for all the support and advocacy that she has provided over the years. 

 “Without such stalwart help, the plight of NHS whistleblowers would not be as well known or understood. Ms Leslie’s abundant common sense and sense of fair play is very precious in public life, and shines through in her work on the Health Select Committee. 

 “Her support of the NHS is clear.”We know she is a determined upholder of the NHS values of care free at the point of delivery and need – not only for now, but for generations to come – and that she works hard for an NHS in which the interests of patients must be paramount.

 “Bristol is very lucky to have such a committed public servant.”
 Ms Leslie said: “I am humbled to have received this letter of support. As a politician, I have pas-sionately tried to ensure that we make the right decisions which will preserve a safe and free NHS for generations to come. 

 “Sadly, some opponents have decided to use the NHS for short term political gain when what we need is a mature debate to explore how this magnificent institution can flourish in the future.
 “At a time when I have been so misrepresented and attacked for trying to do the right thing for the NHS, it is heartening to hear that those at the sharp end in the health profession – some of whom have sacrificed their careers to preserve a quality NHS – have come out as a strong voice to say that our NHS is too important to become party political football.”

 The signatories to the letter are:
 Sir Brian Jarman, Emeritus Professor Imperial College Faculty of Medicine
 Professor Steve Bolsin Consultant Anaesthetist and whistleblower
 Gary Walker Former NHS CEO and whistleblower
 Professor Narinder Kapur Consultant Neuropsychologist and whistleblower
 Sharmila Chowdhury Former NHS Imaging Services Manager and whistleblower
 Dr Kevin Beatt Former NHS Consultant Cardiologist and whistleblower
 Lady Maha Yassaie Former NHS Chief Pharmacist for West Berkshire and whistle-blower
 Dr David Drew Former NHS Consultant Paediatrician and whistleblower
 Fiona Bell NHS whistleblower and complainant
 Dr Minh Alexander Former NHS Consultant Psychiatrist and whistleblower



3 thoughts on “Bristol MP ‘determined upholder of NHS values of care free at the point of delivery’ – clinicians

  1. I cannot claim to have ever been at the sharp end in the NHS or suffered personally but for seven years I have been trying to expose serious malpractice in Morecambe Bay and the North West with minimal support and outright hostility from certain individuals who many/most would have expected to have been supportive.
    I cling to the hope that one day the whole truth will emerge. Dr Kirkup was provided with all the evidence but, like all those before him, has remained silent

  2. By the way this is what Dr Kirkup’s team intend to do with the evidence:

    ‘All material you have supplied electronically will have to be deleted from the Investigation’s IT system and this will be completed at a later date and you will receive confirmation.
    If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me directly on 01772 536401 or by email to

    • This is because they know that the information commissioner will do nothing if data is destroyed. You could use the freedom of information act to request that the evidence be archived in the public interest as there may be further investigation as well as a subject access request for any information that is personal and specific to you. They will likely destroy it anyway knowing that the ICO will offer education in how to handle data and the reply will be “we already know thanks”

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