Statement – Barts and Charlotte Monroe

31 March 2015  A joint statement

Barts Health NHS Trust is pleased to confirm that it has invited Charlotte Monro to return to employment at Whipps Cross Hospital and that Charlotte has accepted the Trust’s invitation.

Charlotte will be returning in the very near future, working three days a week as a moving and handling co-ordinator, following a period of re-training.

The Trust and Charlotte have also reached confidential terms of agreement in respect of her Employment Tribunal claim. The Trust has valued the discussion of issues during the Employment Tribunal process. Charlotte deeply appreciates the thorough exploration of the issues in an objective light that the Tribunal has enabled. The Trust confirms that, as part of Charlotte’s return, it will for all purposes in the future, be removing reference from Charlotte’s employment record with the Trust, the disciplinary matters which were the subject of an internal process against Charlotte and which were then reviewed by the Employment Tribunal. This will allow Charlotte and the Trust to move forward fully, from what we acknowledge has been a difficult process for all concerned, above all for Charlotte herself.

Following the recent publication of the Care Quality Commission inspection report into Whipps Cross Hospital, an Improvement Board has been put in place to address all the concerns raised by the CQC. Charlotte Monro is an energetic and committed campaigner on patient care issues in the NHS, and the Trust welcomes the contribution which Charlotte will undoubtedly be able to make to the discussion about ensuring Whipps Cross’s future. Members of the Trust’s Executive will be meeting with Charlotte, Unison Regional Officer Derek Helyar, Chair of Staff Side at Whipps Cross, Valerie Phillips and Chair of the Staff Partnership Forum, Mireille Braid, in the near future, for an open and frank discussion about lessons to be learnt and Charlotte’s future contribution.

The Trust values Charlotte’s long professional contribution over many years to standards of patient care and to patient and staff safety.

Barts Health NHS Trust                                                            Charlotte Monro

2 thoughts on “Statement – Barts and Charlotte Monroe

  1. It’s a step forward in the right direction.
    If we want the NHS to work, then we need to be prepared to listen to staff who understand the problems. Time and again staff point out economic problems that occur, it’s time for change, to listen to staff address the problems so the NHS becomes econimcally viable again. It is vitally important, that we listen to independent people who have experience and knowledge that can help make our economy work.

  2. Toxic managers don’t take defeats very well do they?

    They make Charlotte’s sacking like a freakish occurrence that just “happened” to them, completely out of the blue, and all against their good will and sterling efforts.

    I sincerely hope Charlotte is okay and they don’t regroup and start putting her through hell all over again.

    Once a bully, always a coward, and a liar.

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