Exposure: NHS Out of hours undercover

Medicine shortages, manipulated targets and patients doing nurses’ jobs: ITV’s Exposure at an NHS Out of Hours clinic

ITV Exposure: 22 July 2015 10.40pm

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One thought on “Exposure: NHS Out of hours undercover

  1. Anyone who has worked at an Care UK hospital or home knows that every word of the programme is true. I know as I have suffered. I reported to CQC and to Durham County Safeguarding unit a number of times. Neither did anything at all.
    When they did visit they supported Care UK. They all made false allegations against me
    DCC environmental health gave the manager the date they were to visit so the food on that day was wonderful. In the CQC inspection where they got X_X_X_X_X Care UK were given months to bring it up to standard. They spent £100,000 doing that.
    Staffing levels at Care UK are usually dangerously low. The training is minimal.
    The will employ any staff regardless of them having the training for a specific group of people. Staff are treated as a disposable commodity. Most of the time they use agency staff who will keep their mouths shut to keep the post.
    I would never by cared for by a Care UK facility!

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