Letter to Jeremy Hunt 2 – Help & Justice for Sharmila Chowdhury


Please sign the petition DAVID CAMERON. WE WANT JUSTICE FOR SHARMILA CHOWDHURY NHS WHISTLEBLOWER https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/david-cameron-we-want-justice-for-sharmila-chowdhury-nhs-whistleblower

The following letter has been sent to Jeremy Hunt today:

30 May 2014

Rt Hon Mr Jeremy HuntHealth Secretary

Dear Mr Hunt

Re: My case as an NHS Whistleblower

 I have just received the email (attached) from your Special Advisor, Ed Jones.

 To say the letter from Dr Dan Poulter is outrageous is an understatement.  I would have thought that you would have felt somewhat relieved that I was not in receipt of this letter written in February. Instead you decide it appropriate to send it to me via email today. Clearly in support.

 It is scandalous that as the Secretary of State you do not take responsibility for the protection of NHS whistlebowers who are persecuted in hospitals and other settings, for which you are in charge. Instead you choose to…

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