NHS patients will be able to log anonymous complaints via smartphones under safety plans

The Telegraph 29 June 2019    By Laura Donnelly 

The initiative is part of an NHS safety strategyThe initiative is part of an NHS safety strategy

Patients will be able to anonymously log concerns about their NHS treatment, via a phone app, as part of efforts to boost safety.

The new strategy will see the creation of a centralised portal, allowing people to supply information about blunders they have experienced or witnessed.

Officials said that swift recording of such information would enable them to alert the rest of the NHS more quickly to risks of serious harm, and prevent tragedies being repeated.

The database – part of a strategy to be published next week – will also help experts to see trends and identify areas for improvement, they said.

The new digital service will create a single, portal to record problems with medical devices, errors in medicines administration, or difficulties in spotting a patient’s condition deteriorating.

Officials said patients and carers will be able to instantly log concerns about their care or treatment via their phones.

Caroline Dinenage, care minister, said: “This innovative new digital service for reporting and learning from incidents will provide a more holistic way of collecting and analysing vital data to help improve care right across the NHS.

“Our brilliant NHS staff have a vital role to play and this will empower them further, as well as giving every patient and their family a say on the safety of the care they receive. Patient safety is key to our Long Term Plan for the NHS and this approach will provide the NHS with new insight on how care and services can be improved, to make the NHS the safest healthcare system in the world.”

Patients, staff and families will be able to submit data to the system, helping the NHS to identify new insights to produce fresh lines of patient safety exploration.

Details about individuals – including their names and date of birth – will not be identifiable.

Dr Aidan Fowler, national director for patient safety at NHS Improvement and NHS England said: “The NHS Long Term Plan sets out a package of care which will save thousands of lives, and our new strategy to enhance patient safety will mean people get care in the safest possible setting.

“The NHS is already a trailblazer on safety with the world’s first and largest reporting system, and to futureproof the NHS for the 21st century this new system is part of a decade-long vision for improving patient safety in the NHS, using the latest technology to make it easier for patients, their families and staff to report incidents, learn lessons and keep the NHS in England safe and effective for our patients.”

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2 thoughts on “NHS patients will be able to log anonymous complaints via smartphones under safety plans

  1. same should be introduced for staff members within the NHS who would like to raise concerns anomyniously

    • I agree. However, in many cases whether its patients/staff the complaint can be traced back to the source if the complaint is specific or only if limited people would have access to info who could have raised concern. However, I agree there should be anonymous reporting. At Ealing I and 2 other anonymously reported to Counter fraud – we were very scared. This was not followed up by counter fraud. Only when BBC got involved and my case was in the open they advised they thought it was less than £5,000 so wouldn’t investigate. In fact the sum was in excess of £300,000. In fact NHS counter fraud colluded with the trust managers. https://sharmilachowdhury.files.wordpress.com/2014/05/fraud-11.pdf

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